Thursday, 31 January 2013

54. Miri

((Weee new post! I need to keep on top of these… ; A ;))
Puri~Puri~Puri~! This Pudding Princess is on Semester Break!
Hello everyone! I’ve had some time to update and work on many things these past couple of days because I have now finished all of my first semester course work. I just finished 2 French courses, Chemistry 11, and Precal 11! Whew~ was that ever a lot of work - v - This semester I will have Physics 11, Precal 12, Social Studies, and … Japanese 11!! YAY! I’ve been really looking to improve my Japanese and I took the Introductory Japanese 11 course in grade 9 but my schedule did not allow any room for it last year but I can take it this year! Please wish me luck in my upcoming school work~
So what I did this break was … uh ;; play a lot of video games! :’D Lots of Animal Crossing and Harvest moon~ So much fun! It was a good break to have after all of the exams and projects I had to finish. I worked really hard the second half of the first semester (I managed to get A’s on the last 5 math tests I had to do in the course! ; 7 ;) so to keep my self motivated, me and my friend, who is also a lover of all Asian and cute things went out and bought…
What better way to do well in school than to finish every sentence with a Hello Kitty pen or measure the side of a triangle with a rilakkuma ruler?~ That same day, me and my friend had gone with a group for gelato and Japanese food. We got our cute little finds at the Asian shopping centre so we were in a very cutesy-japanese mood. I had also remembered that I had just downloaded a new Purikura app on my phone so while we waited for my mum to pick us up…
Hahahahaha… ;; > v > We got carried a way a little!~ Well on that silly note, I will leave you with that!
Stay positive, stay hard working! Puri~Puri~Puri~!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

52. Jema

A lot has been happening lately.Just an update, I was in a car accident (got hit from behind on the motorway) and am now dealing with a lot of pain and can only do so much. However, I still find ways to do what I love and and what I can without hurting myself. Today I had an MRI for my back, spine, and neck. It was a little scary but I was brave and made it through! I will kniw results in a few days so I will definitely keep everyone updated. This accident has been bringing me down lately since I do have limitations and because it causes so much daily pain, but I have been encouraged and given lots of love and advice from so many in the Oishii family and outside the Oishii family. So, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank you all so much for your kind and loving words. They have helped me to stay positive and get through my days with a chipper attitude. So thank you so much I really do love you all and appreciate so much help! Things will get better in time I know it! Just gotta keep my chin up and smile :) Smiling gets me through my whole day and it’s so good for you! :D

Okay! So today I also found out what this means—->  OTL  It doesn’t mean anything! It’s a person kneeling over on the ground! *LE GASP!* Ya I’m sure a lot of you probably already knew that but I sure didn’t haha! Also today in the mail I received a present! I have no idea who it’s from! It just said it was from “Secret Santa" and the address was from China LOL
Oh I am cosplaying Merida from Brave for an upcoming con. Now this is just one of the 4 cosplays I have (I know I always do so many lol but 4 is better than 9 like last year!) but it is so exciting! I am Scottish so the accent is easy but omg my eyebrows are shaped different haha! Here are some lovely pictures of that! Enjoy!

I plan on making her bow as well for a prop at the con however, eventually I will be buying a bow for some videos in the woods. I used to do a lot of archery so this will be pretty legit! Want to know the other cosplays I planned for the upcoming con? Along with Merida are: Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates, Sora from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and Iri from Fate Zero. I was going to beKida from Atlantis but I’m saving that for summer lol. Well I think that is it for now.
Oh wait can I talk about my obsession and future cosplays with Momoiro Clover Z?! Ahhh well… guess I’ll save that for a later blog ^^; Thank you all for reading :P Until next time!
As I say… “Go Go Mini Cherries!" -said along the power rangers theme tune-Jane~ 

53. Sneko

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my room!
Here we have my bed! It’s a little messy right now, sorry!
Here’s my keyboard, Roland-kun, my Mew Ichigo wig, lamp, full shot of the bed (with another underneath), and my dresser.

テレビとラップトップ! マイクとランプ!
Over here is my ‘nico station’ which also doubles as my workout and rehearsal station. I usually plug my computer to the TV via HDMI cable to view the dances I’m learning from a distance. My actual practice space is usually the area next to my bed, but since family’s staying over and there’s an extra bed in my room, I usually practice in between both beds!
My microphone is usually there for nico streams, and the lamp is usually facing me to provide some lighting! Usually, my webcam is perched on top of the TV, but I was using it to snap these pictures!
Closer shot of my bookshelf! Can you spot all the Tokyo Mew Mew items? I have a lot more Tokyo Mew Mew merchandise scattered around the room, but I’ll save that for another blog post!
まためちゃくちゃのところ、すみません。(シ_ _)シ
I’m sorry for the mess on my desk! Since my relatives are also staying in my room, I don’t have many places to put all my things.
I use the cabinets to put away my drawings, writing utensils, stationary, microphones and sound equipment, as well as fabric, books, and other stuff! 
Here’s a closeup of a corner of the desk top. That’s my beloved Mew Ichigo figurine and next to it is a Zakuro doll~ 
I also seem to have some medicine in the picture, haha! 
Not necessarily part of my room, but he does spend a lot of time in it, so I thought I would include my rabbit, Latte Mochabean! 
あ! 忘れちゃった! 
Oh, and let’s not forget about my other beloved rabbit…

好きなぬいぐるみ: ミスターラビット!一歳から持っていた!
Mr. Rabbit! He’s been with me since I was only a year old! I wasn’t as creative with names when I was younger.

Well, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this tour of my room!

Bye, bye! See you next time!
☆ Sneko

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

51. Claudie

Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope everyone is doing very well and that your holiday is going swimmingly ♡
Today is the very last day of 2012. As usual, I cleaned my whole bedroom very thoroughly in preparation for the coming year. I’m always shocked at how much dust piles up over 12 months! Osoji, or the “big cleaning" done on December 31st to symbolize purification, is one of the Japanese traditions I’ve adopted; I feel it’s very fitting to clean all of your belongings before the start of something new and big. Look how clean it is now!! *SparkleSparkle*
I also make resolutions each year. This year, most of my resolutions will be related to Oishii!Project. I’ve been working very hard practicing and studying Japanese and learning new dances, but I know there is always room to improve, so I’ll continue to try my best in the new year! I know most of the time, people don’t keep their resolutions, and in all truth, December 31st has no magical difference from January 1st. However, the idea of a new start has a kind of magic of it’s own, I think. It’s a very good time to reflect and learn from past experiences and plan for the future. It’s also a wonderful time for celebration with friends! ♡
Whether you visit a religious service on new year’s eve or party it up, I hope everyone has a wonderful time and a successful and prosperous fresh year. This was a very short blog, so I apologize, but please look forward to all the exciting things coming up with Oishii!Project! 明けましておめでとうございます~! ♡