Sunday, 29 September 2013

【♥Jema♥】Been A While щ(ಥДಥщ) 失礼しました♥


I am so sorry you guys! A lot has been happening lately! It seems like right now a lot of people including myself are going through a difficult time :( I am hoping and wishing the best for everyone including you if you are experiencing any difficulties in life right now. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ LOTS OF LOVE!!! ♥

What's been going on with me? Wellll....a lot hmm some of it is kind of funny I guess. I look back and just laugh which is good because during the time things were happening I was definitely not laughing about it but rather quite upset ^^;;; 

NDK 2013 my yearly cosplay con I attend. I experienced nothing...Had to leave early on saturday. Also, did not get to have my dance event that me and the girls practiced so hard for due to some confusion and staff not messaging me ^^;;; Friday wasn't too horrible but I was so busy planning for the World Cosplay Summit contest after a disaster had happened that I didn't get to go out of the hotel room until around 5pm. Got to go to a private Shingeki photo shoot which was lovely! I love all my friends who cosplay shingeki! They are so lovely and just amazing! Here are a bunch of photos from the private Shingeki No Kyojin photoshoot! I am cosplaying as Armin. 

Later that evening there was a public Shingeki photo shoot so here are some photos from that:

After the Shingeki shoot I paraded around as Hunny Senpai in a Pajama form because it was night time and I wanted to be in a comfy cosplay LOL I don't have a current photo of that so here is a photo form the cosplay in the past: 
Saturday began and it was already crazy. Friday night I literally got carried bridal style up part way to my room -until I fought to be let go lol- because I hadn't slept in 4 days O.O Soooooo my friends decided it was time for me to sleep XD I finally got sleep but ended up sleeping in too late ahhh so was behind in trying to finish some costumes for some shoots >< What is wrong with me and working on cosplays day of cons ahhhh! O~O Anywho I then went to a private Tales Photoshoot where me and some friends were cosplaying from Tales of Xillia! Here are photos of that shoot:

After that got involved with an awesome photoshoot that I'll take more about later. From there on the con just fell apart for me and became a huge disaster following more disasters. I was running late for my regular cosplay contest craftsmanship judging for masters category due to reasons I could not control then of all times the fire alarm goes off and everyone has to evacuate the hotel. With the madness of everyone going down the stairs, I fall and land on the side of my ankle へ(>_<へ) I got up immediately as to not alarm anyone and realized just how hard I had hit it. After the alarm, I avoided the medics because well I am a whimp and scared of them lol and so my friend is helping me limp around back up to our room but another girl came along and noticed I was having difficulties and suggested the medic tent. I still disagreed and asked to just go get ice and rest in our hotel room. We go to the elevators and the security there who is controlling the traffic for the elevators notices my two friends basically carrying me now and asks what is wrong. I try to just say I'm okay and need to get ice up at our room buuuuut of coarse he says no and send me to the medic tent. In the end it was unavoidable ヘ( ̄  ̄;ヘ)
After their evaluation I am wrapped up and told I sprained my ankle and then wheeled back up to our hotel room. (As if I thought carrying was embarrassing, it wasn't as embarrassing as being in a wheelchair). From there things just got extremely worse. Things happened that I would rather not talk about because it is embarrassing to me lol and I feel stupid but later I ended up being wheeled back down to the con, ended up on oxygen with medics and had to leave con that evening, causing me and my friends troubles. Because of this I was unable to compete in sunday's World Cosplay Summit Contest. So I felt like I let my friend down who was involved with it with me ~(>_<~) UGH! I have to say except for the small moments with my friends, this was my worst con experience ever! But like I said, now I look back at it and think how stupid I was and laugh. Next year will be better! It will be amazing! I just know it (⌒▽⌒)☆

Phew! Alright well from there on.....well guess my week wasn't so good ehehehehhe I ended up in the Emergency Room twice due to stupid drug allergies! The first visit that morning I had an allergy appointment to get tested for Penicillin and amoxicillin etc.Well I showed no positive results while at the docs so I continued on with my day. Went to regular doc to get my ankle checked out. She then sent me to get X-rays and that's when things went downhill. While getting my x-rays I noticed my skin was getting red, burning, and itching. Then I starting having nausea, dizziness, weakness, and then trouble breathing. I had to be sent over to the ER immediately. That was a very long day for me O_O;;;
Once I had all these meds in my system I started getting a little better but man I looked like a giant swollen red strawberry LOL 
The second time I ended up in the ER a few days later! I was having a reaction to a pain killer I was taking for my ankle (ー△ー;)
Due to all these crazy allergies/reactions I got very dehydrated and started feeling very ill, so I had to go in and get a nausea shot (Hurt so much!  ヘ(;´Д`ヘ) ) and an IV to hydrate me. 
Well I still feel a wittle week lately but I am getting better! SO TAKE THAT BODY! YOU SHALL SURVIIIIIIIVE!!!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ “ LOL

              Now I am just catching up on work, cleaning, sewing, dancing, ♪(┌・。・)┌ and singing (^O^☆♪                                and sleeping (∪。∪)。。。zzz Oh my! O.O SOOOO MUCH! 

I have always wanted to dress Lolita style! Well now is my chance! My best friend is getting married!!! Her wedding is like a cosplay theme so you get to be any character or thing you want and dress in whatever you want! So I decided since I like lolita and being and Elf I am going to be a Lolita Elf! Hahah I know random but whatevs! I didn't know where to begin! @~@ So I ended up deciding to make my own outfit since there wasn't much time to buy one! So this is my first ever Lolita outfit and I made it all! :D I present to you, Jema's first ever lolita outfit she made! and it is Wa Lolita BTW :3 oh and thanks to my friend Aya for modeling it for me :3

Do you like it?~ I am so proud of every bit of it! I am still needing to add lace and roping to the Obi but it'll be so great!!! I am so proud of my best friend and excited to see her finally getting married to her Fiance! We are having a girls day of pedicures and a nice night with yummy food and relaxing hot tub wooh! Then next day is the wedding and fun after partay! LOL I just know I will be hugging the death out of her! I haven't seen her in so long! 

Well there you have it! My giant craaaaaazy update of the past month basically! LOL From here on I am hoping things get better! I want to stay positive and focused on making my future days happy and positive! Also, to all of you going through a hard time right now, There is light up ahead just know that. Things may be difficult right now but keep your beautiful head facing up to the sky and do your best to stay positive! I know it can be rough and things may be a nit bumpy for a while but remember we are all here for one another and no one is left to fight alone in the dark. Love you all so much! And thank you for taking time to read my blog! It means so much to me! :) This has been a Jelly bean Jema Blog Hahahah Ja mata ne~

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Natsu Vacances~

Hello everyone! It really has been a while hasn't it? I apologize! 

I returned from my America natsu holiday not long ago and I am now working full time! A lot is happening right?! It's like stepping into a new working life! I had so much fun in America, I went to Seattle in Washington and some other lovely cities as well as a very cold beach.. I didn't get to swim *sniff* 

But I loved being back in America, it reminded me of when I used to live there~ I miss it quite a lot... Lots of yummy food, amazing cities and landscapes! 
 ...and the emoticons take over ~~ hehe

I hope you all didn't miss me that much (of course not)
and hopefully Oishii worked hard while I was away~!

Yatta~ I am back and I'm a working idol!~ ha~ did I mention I caught a cold again :<~! My latest talent ne~?

My America Diary Journal Thingy~

First I visited Seattle! It was a nice city,but it was quite small I really liked that! ^^ I felt like I couldn't get lost!  There were lots of shops, including Uwajimaya a giant Japanese bookstore-supermarket, I spent too much time in there ~! >< I'll put up some pictures~ I was soo proud to find the Morning Musume. Colourful character CD! O-o ahh I held it!~ AHHH!

I will put a photo 'album' below my ramblings! <3

I ate a lot of amazing food, especially chicken star soup~ The food of the gods~ Star shaped pasta is just one of those privileges we haven't earned here in the UK... yet.

I recieved very good final exam results so hopefully I will be able to get a successful job in the future!~ I worked very hard for the results so I hope I can do well in the future ^^!~ For now NO MORE HOMEWORK~ EXAMS OR SCHOOL!!!!

In Seattle I went to Pike Place which is a 'sugoi' food market, they sold amazing fresh food like pasta, fish nom. , and chocolate covered apples eheh~ It was soo cool! I love markets <3~

I went around Oregan state as well! We did a loot of walking and hiking up mountains, hehe my family's favourite hobby! >< It's tiring but I guess it's a great way of exercising after all the chicken star soup?

I wanted to go to the zoo in Oregan as well, hahah I'm 19 in just over a month :') Perhaps I should mention that?... Later!! <3

I can't write properly at the moment, my brain is sleepy ~ But I'm being ganbaruchan right now, and I'll do my best! Maybe I should start uploading photos? Anyway! I had so much fun and it was lovely to go back to America! It was a shame I couldn't meet up with any of my Oishii nee-sans while I was there :(! But in the future I hope we can all meet up and film a mobekimasu style video~! 
Smiling was lovely wasn't it~ I was so happy to be a part of it! ^^ I hope you all enjoyed it too, hopefully we can make another whole project video one day!


Me and a giant gumball  machine!~ ee~

Some casual water bending!

Space Needle!!

Tomb Raider 2~ Temple of Xian~! eheeh

My celebration dinner! It was Yakisoba~ and really big O-o.. I also tried some sushi that I haven't eaten before! Oishii!

Starbucks was originally from Seattle! So we went there for breakfast one morning! <3

Uwajimaya Haul!~
Im a Melon Panaholic?~ heheh like Shana~!

Mitte!! Chicken star soup!! yum!
I watched Grease in a middle of Pionner Square Portland! The whole crowd sang with the music~ It was so fun! I tried to join in!! hehe Every city needs this! :3

I hope you enjoyed reading my mini holiday blog!~ Sorry I have been very busy at the moment and I'm practicing very hard for oishii too! I will speak with everyone soon! <3~
Haribo xoxo