Monday, 9 September 2013

Natsu Vacances~

Hello everyone! It really has been a while hasn't it? I apologize! 

I returned from my America natsu holiday not long ago and I am now working full time! A lot is happening right?! It's like stepping into a new working life! I had so much fun in America, I went to Seattle in Washington and some other lovely cities as well as a very cold beach.. I didn't get to swim *sniff* 

But I loved being back in America, it reminded me of when I used to live there~ I miss it quite a lot... Lots of yummy food, amazing cities and landscapes! 
 ...and the emoticons take over ~~ hehe

I hope you all didn't miss me that much (of course not)
and hopefully Oishii worked hard while I was away~!

Yatta~ I am back and I'm a working idol!~ ha~ did I mention I caught a cold again :<~! My latest talent ne~?

My America Diary Journal Thingy~

First I visited Seattle! It was a nice city,but it was quite small I really liked that! ^^ I felt like I couldn't get lost!  There were lots of shops, including Uwajimaya a giant Japanese bookstore-supermarket, I spent too much time in there ~! >< I'll put up some pictures~ I was soo proud to find the Morning Musume. Colourful character CD! O-o ahh I held it!~ AHHH!

I will put a photo 'album' below my ramblings! <3

I ate a lot of amazing food, especially chicken star soup~ The food of the gods~ Star shaped pasta is just one of those privileges we haven't earned here in the UK... yet.

I recieved very good final exam results so hopefully I will be able to get a successful job in the future!~ I worked very hard for the results so I hope I can do well in the future ^^!~ For now NO MORE HOMEWORK~ EXAMS OR SCHOOL!!!!

In Seattle I went to Pike Place which is a 'sugoi' food market, they sold amazing fresh food like pasta, fish nom. , and chocolate covered apples eheh~ It was soo cool! I love markets <3~

I went around Oregan state as well! We did a loot of walking and hiking up mountains, hehe my family's favourite hobby! >< It's tiring but I guess it's a great way of exercising after all the chicken star soup?

I wanted to go to the zoo in Oregan as well, hahah I'm 19 in just over a month :') Perhaps I should mention that?... Later!! <3

I can't write properly at the moment, my brain is sleepy ~ But I'm being ganbaruchan right now, and I'll do my best! Maybe I should start uploading photos? Anyway! I had so much fun and it was lovely to go back to America! It was a shame I couldn't meet up with any of my Oishii nee-sans while I was there :(! But in the future I hope we can all meet up and film a mobekimasu style video~! 
Smiling was lovely wasn't it~ I was so happy to be a part of it! ^^ I hope you all enjoyed it too, hopefully we can make another whole project video one day!


Me and a giant gumball  machine!~ ee~

Some casual water bending!

Space Needle!!

Tomb Raider 2~ Temple of Xian~! eheeh

My celebration dinner! It was Yakisoba~ and really big O-o.. I also tried some sushi that I haven't eaten before! Oishii!

Starbucks was originally from Seattle! So we went there for breakfast one morning! <3

Uwajimaya Haul!~
Im a Melon Panaholic?~ heheh like Shana~!

Mitte!! Chicken star soup!! yum!
I watched Grease in a middle of Pionner Square Portland! The whole crowd sang with the music~ It was so fun! I tried to join in!! hehe Every city needs this! :3

I hope you enjoyed reading my mini holiday blog!~ Sorry I have been very busy at the moment and I'm practicing very hard for oishii too! I will speak with everyone soon! <3~
Haribo xoxo

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