Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Charlotte's Lolita Outfits! ☆

Hello everyone ~ Are you well?

Today I want to show you some of my lolita co-ords.
First I’ll talk about my lolita photo-shoot!

I’m a part of my local lolita group, and for our Valentine’s Day meet we took a lot of photos around the city!
Here are some of my favourites ~ *^^*


These first few were taken by Sabrina Ahmed Srishty:
Taken by Timothy Dawson:

It was super-duper fun! After the photo-shoot we all made crafts, and some of us made cute origami rabbits!

だいだい色うさぎは私のです。(◕‿◕✿) また、わたしはこの大きなうさぎは作った!
The orange one is mine (◕‿◕✿) Also; I made the big rabbit plush!


In January we had a meet-up in York, where we decorated cupcakes and ate lots of sweet food! (*´ー`*)
I actually borrowed the dress, bag and wrist cuffs from fellow lolita friend, Sophie, seen in the photo beneath in the centre ~ (She has a lot of pink in her wardrobe ww!)

It was soooo cold! So I had to wear my red coat, even though it didn’t match (_;)

There were a lot of us! This is almost everybody..


Here are the cupcakes that I decorated!

What do you think? Actually it was my first time decorating cupcakes! But I think that they’re cute~ right? (And they were yummy! Haha)

We separated into smaller groups for the cupcake decorating.
Here’s a photo of my group ♥

Finally, I want to show you some photos from our “fandom lolita” meet!


ジョーちゃんの服はスリザリンスタイルです!だから、わたしたちをフォトに楽しかった!ww (o^^o)

I dressed as a Gryffindor lolita, one of the houses from the Harry Potter series!
My friend Jo was a Slytherin (*^-)⌒☆ so it was really fun taking photos with her!

(Taken by Iggie)
(Taken by Iggie)
My petticoat likes to show itself, probably because I'm tall...
It was also very windy!
I borrowed the skirt from another of my lolita friends, Hannah ^^
Her outfit was inspired by the 10th Doctor - can you spot her?

Sorry for the slight blur! But here's everyone! ^-^
Doesn't everyone look fantastic? I loved every outfit!


Well, that's all for this blog!
Thank you very much for reading!


Until next time! ☆


Monday, 24 June 2013

Be A Part Of My 1,000+ Subs Video!

If you would like to take part in a fantastic 1,000 subs dance collab video, check out the info here! I hope you participate and have some fun! Everyone who participates in the collab will have their channels listed in the description and on my own personal channel!

Jema here! I am so so very excited to finally have reached 1,000 subscribers on my dancelovelily channel! I have so many more dances coming soon! I thank everyone for their wonderful support and I am happy that you enjoy my videos :)

I had a fantastic weekend this past weekend! I got to go to my first Japanese Sakura Festival! My friend let me borrow her kimono which made me feel even more a part of it :) Here is the Kimono she let me borrow: 

Also the hairstyle was made up by me! I have decided that I am going to make 
a tutorial for the hairstyle and claim the hairstyle.
So many people at the festival came up to me asking how I did my hair,
asking to take photos, and wondering where I got the style from.
I made up the style on my own that morning of the festival and I couldn't see the back
so I was unsure of how it came out. 
Here are some photos of the hairstyle at different angles:

Also, It was nice to occasional practice Japanese and talk to some local attenders. 
I didn't do it much but on some occasions I introduced myself and
let them know I am still learning Japanese.
There was a cute little boy my friend was waiting to let him hug her and the parents were 
trying to encourage him and kind of push him to come hug my friend
it was the cutest thing ever! They were Japanese so my friend took the opportunity to
speak to them in Japanese as well. It was just so cute to see!

Later my friend took some fun photos in my cute dress! I love this
dress soooo much! 

These are the lovely people I hung out with at the Sakura Festival:

That was the highlight of my weekend! Today I get to hang out with a friend
I have not seen in forever and I have lovely lolita gifts for her!
Alright well that is it for now! More exciting things to come this week!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and now I hope your week
is fantastic as well!
Ja mata ne~

Jema Out! >^.^<

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Haribo Days~ first entry! Welcome minna~

Hi Minna~ Haribo-chan here! This is my first entry on our new blog, this is exciting I love the new format! 

I feel like I should reintroduce myself, moving blogs means a start of a new story :3! My stage name is Haribo >though ive never performed on stages O-o<, I'm 18 from the UK and my favourite colour is apple green! I can be quite energetic and hyper .. which can show in my dances, but hopefully you'll like my nice and bubbly ways? I love jpop, dancing, cooking + food, i'm a typical anime/manga otaku >< and I love sushi, yakisoba and chocolate :3 ~! Some people described me as a "Sparkling rainbow fairy..?" *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

** Maybe this is my aidoru calling??.. Konnichiwa, Atashi wa KirakiraNijiFairy Haribo desu Yoroshikuonegaishimasu!**

As you might have heard >from me probably< I have had very important life determining exams recently so I haven't been quite as active as I should be! Gomenasai~ ╮(─▽─)╭

But I'm back and I promise to be more active for oishii now, >Yakusoku~< especially as me and the other mini cherries are graduating! >Eep< Kowaii ne? It seems like I was just accepted onto the project just yesterday (つд`) *sniff sniff*!  I'm really excited for this oppurtunity and I'll work super hard :<! 

What's happening in my life :D.... not much :<! I feel like leaving education has left a huge hole in my being :<! ... DEEP! hehe it's not really that depressing ^^ But I have been spending much time watching Hamtaro! (my favourite childhood anime (◡‿◡✿) Ahhh~ Nostalgia! right? Oh and playing animal crossing wild world.. because I can't afford to buy the new DS :I. 

My world has been turned around by Hamtaro again! :3 my desktop background, facebook cover... even the theme tune is stuck in my head hehe! Good times!

Yesterday I decided to give myself a present and go shopping :3 It was lots of fun, I wore my lovely dungarees~ am I turning into a child again?! Age will not stop me!!!ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ 

I also found these omega kawaii mink shoes :3 ahhh~ I love them so much!
*There's something about clothes with animal ears ne?~*

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and is excited for our upcoming events?! Of course! Please be patient for more videos while I graduate oishii project! Then I will update my youtube much more! 
This is Haribo signing out for today! It's lovely to be part of oishii~ see you soon!
Please visit my Youtube channel:  (oh I keep meaning to make channel art :o)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Waaah! What an exciting week!

UWAH! I just finished doing the 5k Color Run! (。⌒∇⌒)。

Well I am going to type in fun colors since I did a 5k run that involved getting splashed with a billion colors while your running HAHA. The 5k run felt like nothing! Usually I am extremely exhausted after like 2 miles hahaha but this run was so much fun I was distracted from any sort of tiredness! I ran the whole way! Well there was one part I walked because I got an icky side cramp lol. I did it with my close friends and we got so colorful by the end of the race! ALSO, the announcer on the stage picked 3 people to go up and dance on stage for a dance competition! I was one of them wooooh! I got the most claps and cheers but what was nice is that all 3 of us won because at the Color Run everyone wins >^_^< I won a fanypack which I gave to my friend cuz I just don't use those haha Well here are a billion photos for you to enjoy! I will definitely do this kind of race again! It was fantastic fun!

I am so oober oober excited for this coming weekend! It is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in my town! WOOOOOH! This will be my first year attending! My lovely sweet friend has been kind to let me borrow one of her Kimonos for this event :) I may bring a change of clothes just in case for dancing later :) I can't wait to see what it is going to be like! I will definitely post about that later and have lovely photos <3 

I am in need of some help at the moment! >3< I am currently trying to raise money so that I may fly out to see a friend I have been needing to see for quite sometime now. I have been needing a relaxing few weeks to just breathe and relax and so has she. So we have planned to see each other for like over 10 months or so now however I recently lost my job with no reason given as to why :( So I have no way of paying for the flight. I have tried getting loans, credit cards and have been denied by those companies >< and now I am trying donations, making lolita accessories, cosplay help for friends, and the like. I will have a video posted on both my OishiiJema channel and my DanceLoveLily channel soon. I plan on setting up an event where if you donate a certain amount, you will recieve a photobook, gift, accessory and more from me. For each amount donated, $5, $15, $25, $50, $100, I will have a designated prize or item/gift for each -^w^- Right now I ma taking donations to my paypal however I do plan on expanding this to a donation site or otherwise. My current goal is to raise about $300 because this should py for a round trip flight. We will see how this goes! >< I need to raise this by July 1st eeek! ><

Well That is all for now! I don't hope you all have fantastic days ahead of you and some summer fun in the sun! Ja Mata Ne~